Green Economics: The Book

Green Economics jacketAfter around five years of studying the economy from a green perspective I realised that a whole new paradigm of economic life had been developing outside the universities and unrecorded by the media. It seemed important that I should include all the insights, critiques and policy proposals of the green approach to economics in one place, and that was the rationale for the book I called, rather unimaginatively, Green Economics.

James Robertson launched the book in Oxford in January 2009. It has also been well received by leading commentators in this field, some of whose reactions are included below. I've attached some longer reviews too. I hope you will get hold of the book and read it - if you don't want to buy it, why not order it into your local library?

'Here is a book which explains in clear terms the economic paradigm for the 21st century. Green economics is not new. As Molly Scott Cato makes clear, it has been growing alongside the environmental movement and now offers a vision of a just, sustainable and fulfilling economic life'. Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion

'Lots of ideas and information make this an excellent introduction to the rapidly developing brach of political economics. Not everyone will agree with everything here, but the scope for debate is one of the things that makes this pioneering book so exciting.' Richard Douthwaite, Dublin-based green economist

Review of Green Economics by Danny Dorling (pdf, 47 K)

Review of Green Economics by Martin Quick (pdf, 465 K)

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